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12th-Jan-2012 05:12 pm - 12th January 2012 - 2012!
It's good to be back again!

As you may have noticed, I am the new Thursday. It's strange posting on Thursday. I've been posting on Wednesday for about two years now and even just moving one day further in the week, it's a weird feeling.

But, that's not the point of this post.

It's now 2012!

This year I am going to go to TAFE and do a course on IT. This goes for the first six months of the year. After this, I don't have anything else planned, but I'm hoping to have a job by then so I can earn some money before I possibly go to Uni in 2013.

Of course, we are all supposed to die in December anyway, so that doesn't really matter! ;)

Since I have last posted on here, I've done a few new things. The first is that I watched all of American Horror Story Season 1. At first, I thought the show was going to be scary and weird and something I wouldn't enjoy. But seeing some of the posts on Tumblr about the show made me want to take a look. So I downloaded the whole season and Mum and I watched it. I don't want to spoil it in case any of you plan to watch it, but I liked the ending except for the two main things that I wanted to happen, didn't. My favourite character is Tate and I really like him with Violet. I suggest you check this show out, especially if you like Supernatural or anything like that.

The second new thing is that I've joined a new role play. This one is a Glee AU role play. So basically, most of the Glee kids have been kidnapped and dumped in a mansion. The teenagers come from different sides of town. There are the badasses, known as Westerners and the rich kids, known as Easterners. The two sides hate each other and multiple people from each side are forced into this mansion. The RP has been going for about three months now, so the Westerners and Easterners are becoming good friends now. I play Sam Evans, a Westerner. He is now (finally!) dating Quinn. They hated each other at the start, then became best friends and now they are dating. They are endgame too, so that's awesome! :) Here's a link to the role play

I'm also becoming quite obsessed with Reece Mastin and One Direction. Reece won The X Factor (Australia) and he's great and I love that he is bringing rock back for young people. I just love everything about One Direction. I'm obsessed with their song "What Makes You Beautiful". I will probably make their songs song of the day for many weeks

They are the biggest new things I have done. There is a good chance that I will mention them quite a lot.

Now, this month's challenge is to post pictures from our childhood. I found ten that I like so I'll post five this week and five next week.

Photos this way..Collapse )

Peter and I are going extremely week. March 29th will be our two year anniversary. I'm pretty excited knowing we've been together that long! I still love him as much as I did when I first fell for him! :)

I thought I would ask everyone a question this week. Hailey already answered it but I would like to know what everyone's new year's resolution is. Mine is to try and worry less and enjoy myself this year. :)

Song of the day is Good Night by Reece Mastin. I thought he was awesome on The X Factor (Australia) and I'm glad that he won. Plus, he's from Adelaide! He's from my state!!

That's all for me this week. I'll see you tomorrow Tina!

7th-Sep-2011 04:57 pm - 7th September 2011 - I'm so lonely!
Where is everyone?

I feel so lonely!

Hmm...I have two more weeks and three days left!

My birthday is in 21 days!

Tina's is soon as well. And Jackie's!

Hmm...Peta got back with her boyfriend again. Jamie's broke up with her also. 

DAMIAN IS IN THE TOP FOUR! When did he become so much more awesome! I hope he wins. I really do!

I'm in Hufflepuff in Pottermore! I have a Hawthorn wand with Dragon Heartstring!

Umm...I have almost all of my work finished for Year 12. It's pretty exciting.

Mum and Dad are home from their holiday! I missed them heaps!

Song of the day is Lonely by Akon.

Miss you girls!
I was busy last Wednesday, so I couldn't post! Sorry!

You can all punish me if you like. :)

Anyway, so Bianca and Peta, two of my friends, both got dumped by their boyfriends, one on Saturday and one this morning. I was worried about Peter and I, but he says he won't ever dump me, so I feel better now.

Pottermore is pretty cool. I haven't made it to Hogwarts yet, but that should be fun. :)

Only a bit less then a month of school left!!

Loving being able to roleplay as Sam Evans. I've sort of built up his character, since he only had a small part before he got booted anyway. So yeah, that's cool. 

Song of the day is Teenage Dream by the Glee Project Cast.

Also, can't believe Cameron saved Damian on Glee Project! I almost cried! My two favourites! OMG! But seriously, DAMIAN IS IN THE TOP 5! AND SAMUEL AND HANNAH. I don't care so much for Alex or Lindsay. If Samuel, Hannah or Damian wins, I'll be happy. Especially Damian!

See ya tomorrow Hailey!

I'm such a boring person.

My parents left yesterday and are away for three weeks, so I have to stay at my Nana's house. I come home after school every day to use the internet first. :)

I've just joined this role playing Tumblr. It's pretty cool. :) This is me. This is the roleplay

Umm...I have 6 weeks left of school until exams. :)

Uh...the powerpoint for the school formal is going alright. Some people have some really cute baby photos!

School's good, no dramas there.

Peter and I are good, which is good.

My birthday is in 41 days. :) It's pretty exciting!

Song of the day is Billionaire by Sam from Glee cause this guy is like my newest obsession thanks to the role play!
10th-Aug-2011 06:56 pm - 10th August 2011 - GO WESLEY!!!!
Sup girls!

So, not much has happened to me.

Bianca's party was awesome! I had one drink of alcohol but that was it. The funniest part was watching all of the drunk people dancing and falling. Bianca almost fell in her own cake! I hope to go to parties like that again in the future. Hopefully I don't throw up like three or four people there. People were also hooking up and having sex and stuff. It was kind of weird but still fun!

We had community netball at school today. Luther won unfortunately, but we will get them on Sports Day! Both Year 12 matches ended with like 4-0 and 5-0 Luther's way. We have the faster runners and better athletes, but Luther has better netball players. :) 

I can't believe that each day that goes by is one less day of Year 12. I'm gonna miss it so much! :( I realised today not much I love my class and I can sit down and talk to most of them and I don't care. I used to hate half of my class. I guess Year 12 has brought us all closer together. :)

Song of the day is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. 

See you tomorrow Hailey!

So, hey ladies!

I'm into the second week of my final term of Year 12.

Life's great.
I have Bianca's 18th party this weekend. It's gonna be really fun. :)
Peter and I had our 16 month anniversary on Friday. :) 
It's a month and 25 days until my 18th birthday. :D
I'm loving watching Glee Project. Damian is my favourite. Cameron is Mum's favourite. I also like Cameron and Samuel. I also wanted Emily to win. But it's always been Damian for me. So far, so good. :) Why can't we just have them all as the new cast? They are all great. I'm not so fond of Lindsay and Ellis, but I don't like every person on Glee now. :)
Peter has bought a present for me for my birthday. Mum conspired with him and I don't know what it is! :( But Peter told Nick and they told me that I would love it, so I believe them.
I've applied for a full time job. It's a Junior Commercial Producer and my local TV station. It would be really cool to get it! They teach the person about script writing and computer skills. The applications close next Friday, so I'll let you know how I go in a few weeks. :)
And I have to agree with Tina. LiveJournal seems to be dead now. Everyone is on Tumblr. But I'm glad I met you three girls and Jackie. I already knew Jackie before LJ. ;) 
Song of the day is Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Damian McGinty from Glee Project. It almost made me cry. It was so heartfelt and emotional to watch. Poor Damian. :(
BTW, Jack Vidgen won Australia's Got Talent. I hope he doesn't become the new Justin Bieber. I really hate that kid.
2nd-Aug-2011 08:24 pm(no subject)
marla singer ♥
 This month is my three year ljversary! I have been through so much on this site, it's really weird how much a website has helped me. It was nice to have a place that I felt safe, almost like a home. I miss the days when this place was so active. I feel like it's died, and that a little piece of who I was died too. I used to come on so much, but I did a lot of growing up on here and away from here. I still wish the old comms were as fun as they were back in the day ;) 

I have to say, the best thing that has come out of LiveJournal has been the people I've met. I honestly have made some wonderful, trustworthy friends online that I hold so close to my heart. This is especially the case for you girls! I know I'm not as diligent as I should be with posting, but I do try. I love each of you dearly, and I can't imagine where I'd be without any of you. 


What do I even say about Harry Potter?

Well, it was my whole life. My childhood. The one constant the whole time.

And now it's over.

Well, it's never over, but there will never be another movie/book.

And yes Tina, I cried. Only once. During Snape's memories. That was the most heartfelt and powerful scenes of the movie and even my Mum cried.

"After all this time?" "Always." That bit lost me for good. It made me smile and cry.

I loved the whole movie and it is now my favourite of all the Harry Potter movies!

I loved Fred and George and how sad it was after Fred died. I could feel George’s pain and I actually felt numb. Although, I think they could have done more on that. Especially Percy’s return.

I love every single one of McGonagall's lines. They were so badass! Also every time Neville was on screen, I'd start smiling and laughing. "Ya, you and who's army?" Neville and McGonagall are now tied for second place of my most favourite Harry Potter character. Ron is still first. :)

Ron and Hermione's kiss was my favourite part. It was exactly how the two of them are. Especially after they started laughing. It's just them. Plus, the look Harry gives them after he sees their hands held. It's basically saying "Finally!"

Oh, the scene in the ROR. That was precious. I loved how Ron rushed after Draco and the others yelling "Not my girlfriend!" and then when he comes running back again.

"Not my daughter you bitch!" - Best line by Molly Weasley, EVER!

But Neville standing up to Voldemort, that was awesome! Neville has grown into such a strong character and I feel is one of the biggest heroes of this series. I’m glad he still killed the snake. :)

I kind of felt that after the big hype, the final battle between Harry and Voldemort was not quite that big. I mean, it was good, but I would have liked it the way it happened in the book, in front of everyone.

Hermione as Bellatrix was hilarious!

And just the whole damn movie!

I love the Harry Potter fandom and I will miss the massive bonding between half the country over one book series.

In other news, I have to go back to school next week. :( But at least I only have 12 weeks left!

I'm also trying to learn how to play my acoustic guitar again. :)

Peter and I are great. Nothing new there. Our 16 months is on the 29th of this month. :)

I'm getting excited for Schoolies, Formal and my 18th!

That is all, my lovelies.

"Harry's heart did beat for us, for all of us."


P.S. Song of the day is Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga.
18th-Jul-2011 07:24 pm - HARRY FREAKING POTTER
every paper girl needs at least one stri
 Wow. It's been months and months and months since I've posted. It seems like everytime I look its Monday, then I get all prepared and excited to post, then I forget, and it's now Wednesday. I'm just terribly off track these days!

Did you hear about that movie that came out last week? It's not that popular, not many people have heard of it. It's a about a boy wizard, it's no big deal really ... IT'S ONLY HARRY POTTER. 

I DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY. I went at midnight, and the atmosphere was just so perfect. There were so many interesting people, and some people even dressed up! It was just such a strong community and I was just in a very emotional place. 

I have one question: Did you cry? Because I freakin balled. I saw the Warner Bros. symbol, and I was just gone. I sobbed so hard that the people around me were really worried. I cried all the way home and for days afterwards. It was just so touching that my heart had no where to go but out of my eyes and down my cheeks. I was so emotional, probably a little too much. I just cannot expresss my deep love for this film. I ended up rereading the series after just because I couldn't think of anything else to do with myself. 

My favorite part was probably McGonagalls badassery. I just wanted to hug her, Maggie Smith was just too perfect. Also... Neville. There are no words for Matthew Lewis at this point. 

I love you guys so much! <3 

So no Tina again?

This week we were all going to post again and do a 'catch up'.

So let's see...well on Friday my school holidays start.

Peter and I celebrated 15 months last Wednesday.

I have 12 weeks of high school left!

I'm saving well for Schoolies.
I like the Morganville Vampire series and I am up to book 5.

School's been good. I'm doing alright and will hopefully get my 85.05 ATAR for Journalism.
I miss Glee. :(
I seriously need a life.
Oh and Brittana kiss!!!
I want Glee to come back quicker! Or at least for the Season 2 DVDs to be released in September.
I'm gonna miss the Warblers. :(
I heard something about Chord/Sam not being in Season 3. Anybody know what that's about?
And BLAINE WARBLER IS A REGULAR!!!!!! I should probably stop calling him that since he is joining New Directions now. But he will always be Blaine Warbler to me.
Oh and I finished reading McKlainely High and McKlainely High Senior Year. That was the best series about Klaine that I have ever read and I will cherish it forever. BTW, I love Herman, Klaine, Kurt CoBlaine and Darling. :) GO READ IT! It's on FanFiction. I don't have the link anymore. :(
That's probably about all for me.
Song of the day is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.
See you tomorrow (hopefully) Hailey!
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